Dienstag, 2. September 2014

Artikel: Grandmaster Ma Hai-long on Wu Style Tai Chi

During recent International Tai Chi (Taiji) Symposium hosted in Louisville, KY, Grandmaster Ma Hai-long earned much respect from the world Tai Chi community.

As a lineage holder of Wu Style Tai Chi, Grandmaster Ma was invited to the Symposium to teach Wu Style Tai Chi as well as speak about Wu Tai Chi. He flew directly from China to New Jersey. After an almost fifteen-hour flight, he found out his connecting flight to Louisville was cancelled due to Hurricane Arthur. At the arrangement of the Symposium organizers, he took a car ride for more than ten hours to reach Louisville late on 7/4.

Despite the jet lag and fatigue, 81-year-old Grandmaster Ma Hai-long joined other much younger Grandmasters to attend a week-long activities which included workshops, seminars, penal discussion, key note speech delivery, Sun Rise practice, Grand Showcase performance, and other events without showing sign of tiring and won respect from the hundreds of symposium attendees.

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