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Master's Thesis Tai Chi No. 1


Han Jin-Song

Department of Physical Education and Recreation Faculty of Human Development Victoria University of Technology
April 1992

The reasons for the recent growth in the popularity of Tai Chi are currentiy unclear. It is possible that it is due to a greater concern with maintaining good health, or to advertising campaigns, or to a greater awareness of Asian exercise activities as more Asian people migrate to Australia. Other factors may also be involved. In order to understand the growth in popularity, it is necessary to investigate the motives of people for taking up Tai Chi.

As there has been no research of participation motivation conducted in Tai Chi, it is useful to evaluate studies of participation motivation in other sports and exercise activities for guidance. In Chapter Two, the participation motivation research with competitive sports, exercise activities and martial arts is reviewed. The relevance of this literature to participation motivation in Tai Chi is discussed. As much of the previous participation motivation research relates to competitive sports, it may have limited application to the non-competitive activity of Tai Chi. Therefore, a study was proposed to investigate those factors that are specific to the motives for taking up Tai Chi. It was anticipated that this study would provide important and useful knowledge that could contribute to the effectiveness of methods of promotion and teaching of Tai Chi in Australia, and broaden the understanding of participation motivation in sport and exercise activity.

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