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Book: Yang Tai Chi Sabre (1943)


Taiji Compiled: The Boxing, Saber, Sword, Pole, and Sparring
by Chen Yanlin
[published June, 1943]

[translation by Paul Brennan, Nov, 2012]

Taiji Saber is also called Thirteen Dynamics Saber [Shisan Shi Dao], having thirteen techniques: cleaving, hacking, scratching, pushing, shaving, raising, stabbing, rolling, chopping, coiling, fanning, blocking, and sliding. It is one of the famous weapons within the old Yang family Taiji boxing art. There are not many postures for the saber, but they are all practical, and in neutralizing and counterattacking an opponent it is especially ingenious, causing him to be unable to figure out what you are doing.

Tradition has it that Yang Jianhou had a bout with a famous man called Magic Saber Zhang in which Yang used only a horsetail duster in place of a saber. Zhang advanced not even one step before his saber had been adhered to and suddenly left his hand. From this it can be seen how profound the Yang family’s Taiji Saber is.

Alas, those who nowadays have obtained the true transmission are so rare, it resembles the way the Guangling Melody is considered a masterpiece [because it is hard to find someone who can perform it well]. I am unwilling to hold anything back, and so I present this saber’s training method and methods of application through thorough explanations, with which to supply aficionados so they may learn by the experience of others.

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